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Good morning everyone I’m here in LA And I’m back with another what I eat in a day video so quick shout out to Care/of for sponsoring today’s video But before we get into that, let’s look at the view here. Oh my god Wow So the Hollywood sign is right over there and look at the view it look so beautiful at night as well The camera is too heavy. I can’t vlog in this camera. Adrean can you help please? Exposure’s all off omg Oh, oh, don’t you look out? Who is this strange man in the house.

I let myself in, I hope you don’t mind So yeah, we have Rob here Um, I came for the free workouts Yeah, I think it’s coming knock on your door and get some free access you know Anyway, I want to show you guys this place because it looks freaking awesome. I wish my home looks like this We got a big ass TV. A very comfortable couch Oh my god It’s like a second. It’s more comfortable than our bed for sure. All right, I feel like I’m talking to myself right here I’m sorry I’m still half asleep Um, here’s Rob’s bathroom And here’s our bedroom Oh my God, it look amazing Let me show you guys the view It’s the same view The balcony is beautiful so we can access the balcony from the outside of my room And the toilet is really nice Going poop I think that’s the house tour I hate this tripod.

Oh my god So here’s the frozen bananas I made yesterday One of them looks so horrible, but there’s three Colors over here. Very pretty. I’ve got some regular ones just with chocolate and also almonds Some pistachio on. I think I made about ten. I was crazy. There you go. Oh my god This is the hazelnut one, which is what I’m gonna have So here’s my frozen banana so pick and choose guys Which one is your favourite Should i pick the wrong one It’s too pretty Just don’t pick this That looks so good. Yeah, that’s Hazelnut, actually.

Is it too soft now? No, still nice Which is your pick? Wait, it was a raspberry one Oh, just have both. Okay, no. Yeah. Well, I’m gonna try that later anyway, okay Cause I didn’t really like it Okay, here we go. I hope it’s hard. No, it’s perfect. Very soft. Do you like it soft or hard. I like the hard It’s really soft right? It’s like magnum Mm-hmm.

First time I made it So says guys it’s really good. So if you want to know how I make it the recipes at the end of the video But yeah, it’s really really simple. All you have to do is to actually just freeze the banana Oh, and, make sure they’re ripe Make sure they’re ripe. This is not ripe but it’s actually really good because the coating is sweet So it’s a good contrast and also like the unripe bananas are a little bit harder and I like it hard How do you like it I like it soft Yeah, I feel really satisfied after putting them into my mouth Wow That one the big one. I couldn’t possibly swallow that This is all gonna be bleeped out right You know what, there’s no um added sugar to this because the chocolate I use has zero sugar, so it’s all natural guys You can take this on hiking with you maybe To the gym in your bag If it doesn’t melt So I’m gonna have my supplement now so normally after I had my breakfast I’ll have my supplements And today I’m just gonna show you what I’m having now. Just put you guys down So I’ve been taking this personalized vitamins from care off since I came to LA and super duper cute Oh my god, just look at that So this is basically the pack for today so you don’t have to worry about like, you know Grabbing it from multiple bottles because that’s what I was doing before I came to LA. This is so cute It has my name on it.

That’s very important because it makes me feel happy Alright, so yeah This is really convenient because it comes in one pack for the day and I’m gonna have my vitamins for the day now So basically I took a quiz on their website and it’s gonna give you the vitamins based on your your needs in a way so I Requested for more energy and also just to help with my fatigue because I’ve been feeling tired and just really stressed out I’ve been very stressed out for a long time now.

I think you guys know that Yeah, I just want something to help me with my information as well So these are the supplements that are recommended to me So this is the booklet of my vitamins so you’re gonna have your personalized version and so I’m taking some magnesium Probiotic Wild Alaskan salmon oil rhodiola B complex. It really helps that when it comes in a pack You just kind of like take it because once you open it, you gotta finish it. And lastly I have my plant protein Oh my god guys, like it’s right behind me. Can you spot where the plant protein is? It’s right here Look at that that’s so cute.

So I’m just gonna have a little bit of this before my workout session later You saw the vitamins so everyday you just kind of like New vitamin pack. New vitamin pack. So yeah do check out the Care/of website for your personalized vitamins And there’s just a little quiz that you need to fill in to help you to narrow down to what you may need I’ve also got 25% discount for the first month with you guys. So just use my code CHLOE25 for 25% off for the first month So anyways, I got a very exciting fun day today Because I’m going to meet one of my viewers and her name is Lena Snow She made a video about her dream collaboration recently and someone actually drop a comment down in my videos and told me about it So I checked her video out and reach out to her and asked her whether she want to collaborate with me and Yeah, she said yes And I just realized that this is my first collab on YouTube.

Can you believe it? I’ve been on YouTube for a while now and I haven’t collaborate with anyone like can you believe that? What is this, girl? So today we’re gonna be filming a 10 minutes HIIT workout, and I’m not really sure whether she does HIIT workouts But I’m sorry Lena. You’re just gonna deal with it. You just gotta do my turbulence HIIT workout with me. Alright guys Let’s go Hello I was so nervous and excited Hi oh my god I just told you about it It’s totally fine Are you excited? Yeah, I’m I’m like I don’t know how to act right now cause I’m like too excited I love your hair oh my god this is the hair colour i wanted but I just can’t get it there So currently she flew down from Las Vegas. I just drove down. So how long was the drive of that? It was like four hours Just to see you Oh my god i feel so bad So I posted my video about my dream collab like literally eight months ago and it’s like happening It’s like so insane All the videos i think someone told me about it so I clicked on it and I was like, okay! Well we’ll make you regret it today. No, no No friggin way.

This is like Thank You Chloe for making dreams come true like seriously She’s gonna turn it into a nightmare It’s a nightmare for sure You be like, I don’t want to see you again Chloe after this All right How’s my hair. Hmm. I think that’s good. Okay Your favorite workout? My favourite workout from Chloe is well her abs workout obviously that’s how i found her and then Low-impact, no jumping. Yeah, but today I’m gonna smash her with high impact With also jumping workout, but obviously you guys can always modify it to like no jumping version it’s really easy to just modify it So let’s do this Hey everyone so today I’m What is it, I’m here with Lena How do you feel about our workout? It was actually really fun. And we filmed two workout. I think she was just being nice Yeah, we film two. You know what, I actually want you to do my out workout after my heat workout, but I I would’ve died Yeah, but we didn’t have time for that. So guys check out her channel. So it’s like a 10 minutes subscribe to my channel. Thank you, please subscribe guys, and we did 10 minutes yoga. I wasn’t really good in it, but you know She was amazing That was good. Like it was a really nice stretch after the workout. Yeah. So that was really nice Alright, time for lunch You’re gonna bring us to somewhere. Yes, we’re gonna go to water grill. So I hope Chloe likes it Yeah I love seafood It’s one my favorite so Adrienne is gonna be so happy. Yeah Alright, let’s do it Yay Chloe, I swear to you.

I’ve I don’t even I don’t watch youtube. I don’t know youtubers, but I know you I used to not watch YouTube that much but when I found Chloe Ting’s channel, I started watching youtube all the time Oh my god. Are you for real She’s not that interesting, come on Yeah I’m so really boring All I do is workout Workout videos and does what old people care about. She does it make so like visually appealing like I just want to keep watching, you know Like why are you going doing it with me? Exactly like I used to wake up early Saturday morning make my coffee, Chloe Ting Oh wow, that’s amazing That’s fine That’s a really long reactions time. No that’s real if anyone does I mmm-hmm that’s fake Oh, looks so good.

I got my bip So yes, there’s mussels some calamari prawns Smells really really good as well. Come away. Look, I’m sorry Hello guys So I’m back. I just took a shower. I feel super clean Namaste so I’m gonna be making my dinner now I’m making Thai red curry we could kill this I haven’t make Thai curry in a long time because I just don’t know I go through phases But I’ve been having a lot of it in Erewhon because they have all this like really interesting kelp noodles we’ve had like Thai sauces and I’m like And they are so good, but it’s so expensive. So today I’m gonna make my own. All right, and it’s gonna taste better I know it, okay Yeah, so on top of that I’m gonna be making vegan Thai curry with jackfruit, oh my god, it’s going to be so good. I’ve never tried it before but I know It’s gonna taste good. I’m very confident in my cooking for some reason But yeah It’s been a while since I’ve been in LA and I’m super inspired to eat more plant-based food because there’s so much bigger options Right here. So yeah, trying my best to stay plant-based right now and Today’s dinner. It’s gonna be epic. I know it and let’s start cooking Dinner times it’s photo time We’ll gonna be on the vlog. Vlogging each other. Vlogging session, oh wait no Can you guys stop Family friendly Let’s let’s be honest. I am a little bit scared of you so you tell me when I can have how much I can have really Stop That’s actually scary Don’t scare someone with food Is it good? I’ve been craving for this since air one Are you supposed to break the fourth wall? Feels like we’re on a news TV show liking in the morning show It’s like hey everybody and welcome to LA a morning show with Robin Adrienne. The current temperature is 24 degrees feels like 2 Okay now Adrienne’s gone something up I mean This is really awkward I Don’t know what to say See the flowers a nigga never I go to a restaurant or something I never know whether I’m supposed to eat the flower in the middle where there is like edible or part of the decoration You know, and I’m always the leader who’s just like eating It was if you don’t eating and putting your hair Chopped up my tinder profile.

Yeah, see if you guys want to try out. Chloe’s cooking. We should probably do like a meet-up Mmm-hmm Well, I feel like we’re really far away that’s why we could bring the camera closer yeah Let me know if you guys want to do some sort of like um meetup What think you’re doing at this place. Mmm What do you think Oh, see how many people say actually respond and how many people out here from LA. Mm-hmm So yeah, you guys want to hang out? Meet up we’re here till like when are we leaving? Well, I think this vlog is going up wait Monday morning so respond now let me know down in the comments now and check my Insta story because I think I’ll put it’s the story for the next couple of days. Look at their Instagram stories And she will explain how to get in contact. Yeah Yeah, I really have a b12 Oh, oh You know amenda is a flower idiot anyways we’ll save you some of these in the fridge no It will be bad by then come around we have lollies and now check and Bob will send a van to pick you up notice If anyone has their highlight tips for LA to go and check out take photographs and stuff like that Mm-hm comments below. We need all your la suggestions top 5 tourist spots so Chloe if I wanted to see more amazing videos shows, what would I do would I subscribe and hear the notification bill Anyway, what’s gonna enjoy our food without you guys? Yeah, cuz it’s weird.

It’s really weird. I’m gonna enjoy a home-cooked food This is actually my first home, oh Yeah Yeah, we’ve been eating out too much and so you guys have been eaten that way too We feel terrible for it. So don’t do that. I’ll see you guys in a second So I’m gonna have my last three by the mins for today I have fish oil and magnesium and then I’m going to just relax Maybe you watch some TV stranger things And I’m gonna head to bed I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video don’t forget to smash that like button Subscribe and also tell notification so you don’t miss out my new videos and I’ll see you guys in the next video You

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