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I’ve been super anxious lately because of the current situation and what’s to come, right? Supermarkets are so packed up, people are fighting; I don’t even want to go to the supermarkets anymore because I’m- I’m scared I’m anxious to go to the supermarket There are no toilet papers. No pasta. No rice, canned food started selling out, frozen vegetables are gone. This is an insane situation Everyone’s freaking out and I’m getting more and more anxious every day because I feel like I’m just not prepped up.

I know lots of you guys while watching my videos are from Italy and Spain and you guys are on lockdown right now. So I’m sending you guys lots of love, stay strong. I know it is a very difficult time. And for those of us who are from the United States, Australia UK We’re not on the lockdown yet, but I see it coming because schools are closing The cases are increasing so quickly every day. It’s just going up at an exponential rate. So things are gonna go bad. So that’s the reason why I’m sorting out my pantry because I need to know what I have and what I don’t have and I also need to make space for new things.

So I managed to get a few things this week like some dry goods Hopefully they will last for a couple of weeks to months Like we don’t know how long this lockdown is gonna be it can be weeks or months like we have no idea So I guess that’s the reason why I’m- I’m scared So yeah I’m making space and as you can see it is a mess right now because I just bought things and threw them in there I just don’t have time to sort up my pantry for the last week or two weeks 🙁 I wish that I spent more time prepping up because I saw it coming, but I was busy with a big event coming up which I was prepping for hours I was just spending so much time on that and also on my new programs and other things behind the scenes other projects *big sigh* Why did I do that?! I’m gonna sort out this pantry right now because if this is neat This is better for my mental health and I know what I’m gonna get.

I’ll get some things online But some of the things I have online got cancelled because it got out of stock. So I’m just gonna wish for the best alright, let’s.. sort up this mess and I’m so not used to this because I’ve been living a more minimalistic lifestyle, so I don’t normally have so much stock in my pantry and my pantry is not exactly that big So let’s just get started. I’m gonna start with the middle section first, these are where all my chocolates and stuff are And some chips which I don’t normally get. So, I’m clearly freaking out ( hurricane Katrina? more like.. hurricane tortilla!) So in here I have the rack and these are all my supplements and you saw some of the things I got from France? I don’t know, 1 and a 1/2 years ago, I loved these so I hope it’s not expired yet Um, and I also have a couple of empty jars and some jars for dry goods.

So I’m just gonna sort these all out now *gasp* I just dropped this all over the floor Ahahaow Ow! I’m bleeding guys. Look it’s over here D: You get the point. I need to slow down because I really don’t need any more scars on my legs Not too bad just a little bit of blood Got this from Japan This is so good. It’s called “hōtō noodles”. So it’s kind of like thick udon you know, it’s really really yummy Now the chocolates, I just opened this up and had a bit. And a couple of other chocolates. Just gonna chuck it here Somewhere that’s not too visible because I’ll be eating it all the time I’m trying to hide this from myself, but I kind of know that it’s in there So I’m- I’m not sure what I’m trying to do here. This is really good too – only have one left I ordered some online. So hopefully they’re right here next week…

Okay, I shouldn’t be getting all these snacks because they don’t have that many nutrients There’s like chocolate crumbs everywhere because that was like my chocolate area So these are all my chocolate chips More tea It’s next so these stackable Containers are from Muji, but you can find them in Kmart and other container stores so I’m gonna use this for all my commonly used supplements. I don’t really take supplements anymore, but I’m gonna start again My Nutella that has expired my friend gave it to me but I just- I just couldn’t throw it away It’s my name and it’s Nutella, my favourite spread ever! But I know how to make my own now, so I don’t need it. This is one of my favourite Japanese snacks, but there are no cookies in there.

My favourite Japanese cookies. What’s in there? OwO Okay, some protein and the matcha brand I got from Uji Maybe I should keep in my chocolates in here. So it’s not so visible. What, that’s a good idea, right? These are some of my favourite protein balls, from Health Lab. So, yeah, I’m storing all of my favourite little Protein balls in here because they are very tasty. These are for desperate times Okay, when we don’t have any food left, I’m reaching out for this YouTube container over here Safe. Oh my god, I found this I got this like in Japan last year They are like really cute miso soup, Hello Kitty miso soup.

I’m gonna make it soon because It’s expired But I can still drink it, right? I’m pretty sure it’s fine. I hope it’s fine.. oh my God So it’s miso soup with like little Crackers So they put like really cute things in there as well. I can’t wait to make it. Maybe I’ll make it later on. Idk Definitely need to stock up on these because I don’t think people are buying them Nobody’s gonna buy chocolate during times like this, right? So I’m gonna fill up the entire box Later. Right before the store closed because I don’t want to be in the crowd. I’m terrified of crowds So this is kind of the final look.

So up there I have my aloe vera juice, my almond milk and there’s a little bit space behind for more almond milk I just kind of placed it neatly in front and then I got some dry goods Some chips and also there are tons of-omg And also, there’s tons of like seaweed and things in there and over here I got my superfood powder more superfood powder and just some tea Lots of supplements behind and also just some coffee over here.

And over here I got my matcha so these are for drinking and some supplements that I take sometimes and also some chocolates, some protein ball in there for desperate times, some chocolates in there, more chocolates, more chocolates and tea and just some condiments and a random lemon-lime business right here. And that’s pretty much my pantry and on the side here. We got more tea than I drink regularly this this this one this tastes really really good Mint tea, more mint tea, tea leaves, herbs and also more tea leaves That’s it Done! Oh wait down here I got my slow cooker, some baking stuff behind, a little cook stove, some bottles, some protein powder for desperate times I should get more of this gas because I’m running out. So this is my laundry section. This is actually pretty new I got this set up a while ago, but there was nothing there.

I didn’t do anything with it So I bought five boxes recently. The whole setup’s from Ikea and I think the cupboard was under $100 It was really really affordable So I put everything that I got this week in these boxes, and that should prompt me to record today’s video because I was like, maybe I should show you guys what I got So I’m gonna take these boxes out and show you guys what I got in there Yeah, really happy so I’m gonna be really careful because I don’t want any more injuries today Okay ♫ Be careful ♪ Be very careful~ *this is what you sound like while doing Chloe’s workout vids* Oh my God, it’s heavy, it’s heavy So this is my seaweed box, I love seaweeds. This is just wakame Some kelp noodles This is the pasta box, like lots of Italian pasta over here. Some rice crackers to eat with my cashew cheese Yummy things like some crispbread and some white rice pasta. I love these pasta And over here I’ve got some rice, some couscous, some mung beans And that’s the same as well. Just more rice and laundry powder Yeah, I got my water filter. I got my blender and also food processor and down here So as you guys know I do a lot of food prep videos which is why I have a lot of containers down here and these are just food processor accessories and over here on the side I’ve got my homegrown lemons And I’m not sure what I’m gonna put in here yet probably squash. And over here I got my pots. Um, I actually got myself a freezer, guys, but it’s empty in there right now,

I’ve ordered some fresh meat and seafood so hopefully, I receive them next week and over here are just some of my plates and serving ware, serving platters. And over here are more plates and things that I use for the food videos I have a very small freezer. I really don’t have much in my freezer other than lots of dumplings because I freaking love dumplings Some acai pack, some aloe vera. Some bananas, blueberries fruits And I have a few actually two packs of salmon, just because I bought a lot of them before I went to Japan and they were about to expire so I popped them in the freezer Same with chicken breasts and yeah, that’s all I have in my freezer I feel a lot better right now because the pantry is a lot neater and I feel like I got things under control. So Yeah, I feel a little bit better. I’ve calmed myself down a little.

Cleaning up always makes me feel better so that’s, that’s a good thing. I’m also gonna buy pumpkins because they last for a long time Cabbages, yeah really good for – yeah, they last for a long time as well, and some potatoes. Yeah, I think that’s That’s pretty much it. Wait. I got lots of condiments up here and flours Yeah, I should get some almond meal and some flour just in case because I can bake. Let me just sort out this area This is the final look I got my flour up there, my condiments. Lots of condiments and sauces Over here I’ve got my spice rack Left and right, here are some of my favourite spices Some paprika, chipotle, curry powder, garam masala Moreover here, and all my oils Down here I’ve got really big serving plates, some cups. And this is like my canned food section. I got my jackfruit over here Some- some rice, more rice Korean rice, some corn tortillas And yeah, oh, my canned fish And I got some coconut aminos over here, I love these And one of my other favourite sauces, Cholula All the fish stock, I got them from Japan you need some dry sardines to make my own fish stock Shiitake mushrooms. Oh my god. This took a couple of hours, but finally, it’s done My mind space is a lot better now that everything is a lot neater, I know what to get. My main worry is How long is this gonna go on for?

Like nobody has an idea like, Is this virus gonna go on for a long time? It’s gonna take a couple of months or even a year to get like a vaccine or a cure. That’s the part That’s really really scary. So cleaning up really helps me to worry less and You know just because I’m focusing on something and I also got myself a set of barbell and weights so I can train at home because I haven’t been to the gym since I got back from Japan because I was terrified Yeah, I hope this video is somewhat helpful Especially if you are trying to find some sort of dried foods that last for a long time. Beans are great, rice is great, pasta are great. Flours, chia seeds, flax seeds, nuts are really great They are gonna last for a long time! Like, protein powders as well And the next thing I’m gonna do is to prep my freezer food. So I’m gonna prep all my vegetables and meat and pop them in the freezer. Yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video Maybe it’s not enjoyable 😐 Hope you guys have a great day. Be safe, and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye

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