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Hey guys, I’m doing what I eat in a day article but today’s version, Today’s version is very different. It’s a realistic version of what I eat in a day. They are a little bit prettier. I put a little bit more of love, heart, thoughts into what I eat in a day articles.

So, yeah. They took a little bit longer than like what I normally do on a daily basis. And seriously I don’t make my food look pretty all the time. If I want to, you know, present it to someone I will but I don’t do that every day because I kind of eat by myself every day, so. But yeah, Today’s version is gonna be really simple, really easy to make, everything’s going to be under 15 minutes.

I have all the recipes in my head right now because I want to make it really easy for you guys as well. There are no excuses to not eat at home, especially when it takes less than 15 minutes. It is more cost-effective, you know what you’re eating, and also you can hit your macronutrients or micronutrients, you know all of that stuff And also, it’s better for losing weight if you want to lose weight or even gaining weight. So all these recipes you can just adjust it based on what your goal is.

So today I’m gonna be super busy because I’m editing my program. Seriously, I need some help with editing my articles because editing articles take a long time. It normally drains me out, especially when I put out a program. I gotta write the program, I gotta practice the program, and I gotta make sure everything is good, the sequence is good. I gotta feel the burn, but at the same time not too difficult. So it’s like I need to get it, right. Yeah, I’m working on that right now. So that’s the reason why I’m super busy today. I might sort out my wardrobe if I have time, but I don’t think I have time today.

So Anyway, I’m gonna get on, feel like I’m rambling right here. I don’t know what I’m going on about. What am I supposed to do today? I’m supposed to eat. Alright guys, let’s start. So most of you guys know that I have my severe bloating issues. I have a really problematic gut. But right now, I normally take a gut relief powder in the morning along with vitamin C.

So I just mix these two together and I also take some prebiotic before I eat anything in the morning. My new doctor asked me not to take probiotic yet until I see her. So she asked me to take some prebiotic, so that’s what I’ve been doing and it doesn’t bloat me at all. So that’s great. What bloats me the most are vegetables. Yeah, right. So I’m just gonna have this right now.

One teaspoon of vitamin C, the gut relief powder, mix it with some water. Actually tastes really good. I’m just gonna have half a scoop of the prebiotic. Gonna have this and then I’m gonna make my breakfast. I’m gonna have oats with banana and nut butter. It’s like the best breakfast on colder days. It’s a little bit colder today in Melbourne. So Yes Alright, I got my oats so I’m gonna do about half a cup Okay, it’s a little bit more because I can’t measure things, I can’t see What did I do that for.

Okay, whatever. I’m gonna add some hot water. Some almond milk. Stevia. I also got some bananas which I’m gonna chop up later and cinnamon. Okay, I’m gonna put this on the stove and heat it up. It takes about, I think, five to ten minutes, ten minutes, ten minutes. I like it soft. So while I’m waiting for my oats to cook, I’m gonna chop up to some of these bananas. They’re quite ripe So I’m gonna chop it all and freeze the rest.

Ooooooo…Yum, I just realized that I said that it takes about ten minutes to cook oats. First of all, I’m using rolled oats So that takes a little bit longer and I like my oats to be soft, and second of all you can always microwave it. Microwaving it takes only two minutes or so. And if you use quick oats, it’s only gonna take one minute. Okay, so it’s possible to get your breakfast ready for about- in about one to two minutes. So that’s possible It’s just because I don’t have a microwave at home. So, Yeah. Maybe I should get one. But I like to cook things from the stove. I’m old-school. You know, I like my things fresh from the stove. Okay, let’s dress this up Yum, that looks really good. I still kind of made it look pretty. I have this thing, I gotta make it a little bit better.

I gotta have a thumbnail for it. Right? So. Yummmmm Wow, this actually looks really pretty. Sorry guys. I did not expect it to be pretty. I love almond butter with oats, it’s so good. I also added a little bit of honey. Mmm *angels singing* Wow So for lunch, I’m making some salmon and some vegetables. I personally love salmon a lot.

I can have it every day, but they are really expensive So for vegetables, I think I’ll have a little bit of leftover for dinner I’m making like a warm feta salad because my stomach can’t really digest cold vegetables that well, and raw vegetables. But I still have like cold feta salad sometimes and I freaking love it. So today I’m making the warmer version. So I’m gonna add the capsicum in the pot first just to cook it until it’s a little bit soft and then I’ll add the cucumber and tomato and cook it like really briefly. So that it’s kind of like warm. A little bit softer as well. So it’s easier to digest. So that’s my salad, and I’m also going to be making salmon.

If you want to have really nice crispy skin for your salmon, peel off the skin, put some salt on it Put it into the oven for about 12 minutes and it’s gonna be like super crispy. So for salmon, I normally just season it with some salt because I’m like super lazy when it comes to making like grilled food. I normally just put some salt and some ginger. And ginger is really good with seafood generally because seafood has like a little bit of a fishy, like a smelly smell. And I just kind of wrap it on and then put it in the oven. And I don’t normally put oil on my salmon just because I think that there’s enough oil in salmon to fry it up, to crisp it up.

You don’t really need much oil. You just got to make sure you have enough salt on the skin if you want it crispy. Alright, let’s put this in the oven. So today I’m also gonna show you the cold version, like, just with some cucumber, some tomatoes. If you can have onions, you can add some onions because onions are so nice in feta salad. Or you can also add some capsicum. I only have tomatoes and cucumber here. So I like to crumble up my feta cheese this way you could use vegan cheese or you could just use your typical feta cheese. And the key is to add a really good quality olive oil. Drench it with some olive oil Mmm, very good. Some salt, some pepper There you go. That’s your salad. That’s not gonna take you too long. The lunch is ready.

I’m so excited. Let’s do a little ASMR. And I love getting salmon skin because it’s always so crispy. So this is the warm version of feta salad. I have vegan cheese on top. I can have this every day and I feel I’ve been having it almost every other day because I really love cucumbers now. I love it now. I used to hate it and with the cheese it’s amazing. Alright, I’m gonna finish my lunch now and I’ll catch you guys in a minute. So it turned out that I had two pieces of salmon not one because I was quite hungry. and now I’m gonna have some Pana Chocolate! This is like seriously my favorite chocolate ever. This is my second favorite flavor. I’ve preferred the other flavor, but I ran out because I have chocolate almost every day.

Mmmm… so good Alright guys, so here’s my wardrobe. Can’t really see anything because the doors are closed and there’s tons of mess over here. Yeah, a lot of you guys asked me to show you my fitness wardrobe. Like my clothes are everywhere. There’s some in my laundry, some over here and some in my bedroom because I just kind of I wear them, wash them, and chuck them everywhere.

I’m a mess I know. But, I really want to sort out the room because I want to donate lots of my clothes away because I don’t wear most of my clothes, to be honest. I’m always in fitness wear or I’m always in loungewear because I’m always at home working. So I pretty much- I don’t need so many clothes. So yeah, I’m not sure what you guys know about this but Australia is currently suffering from the biggest bushfire. It has been burning since September so it’s gotten so bad and it’s really sad that the government’s not doing much about it. It’s affecting everyone in the world, not just us. Climate change is global, right? Half a billion animals are dead, or even more by now.

All the koalas, kangaroos and it was just really sad, like, when I watch the articles, I just couldn’t stop bawling. I can’t imagine the pain they are going through and the fear. They probably can’t even- they can’t breathe because I couldn’t even breathe in this situation right now. I tried to work out two days ago, by the end of the workout I started feeling chest pain because I was breathing really hard, you know. And my chest starts to hurt I was like what the hell is going on? And for the rest of the day, my chest was hurting. I was working out in the gym, which is indoor. Can you imagine outdoor?

So I can’t imagine what they’re going through. It’s ten times- like, 100 times worse in the burning area. Hopefully, by the time you guys watch this article like they’re doing something about it. Hopefully, we have heavy rain by then. Hopefully that the fire is not burning anymore. There are over like 300 fires that are burning right now. I can’t remember the numbers but 1,500 homes are lost or even more by now. I think the thing that really broke me was the animal articles. Like I saw the animals running the footage of the Koala shaking his charred arms He was in so much pain. The Koala was crying and this lady was so brave.

She went saved him but- Sadly, I followed the news, sadly the koala died two days after but he was serious severely injured from a fire He couldn’t even eat a leaf. Like it took him an hour to eat one leaf. We’re getting a lot of help from people since saying that the government is denying climate change and everyone else is helping you know what I mean like, what the hell. And that’s the reason why I’m sorting out the wardrobe as well. Yeah, so if you want to help out you can use the link down in the description box. I’ve donated, and a lot of people have donated to help out different groups of people.

So you can help out the wildlife animals, or you can help the local fire departments. There’s a couple of different fire departments that you can help but it’s also really hard for them to shuffle the fund around so which is why we’re donating to different groups. So that everyone has some funds. Yeah, I’m just gonna show you guys the wardrobe. I don’t really want to depress you guys. But this is the situation in Australia right now. So this is my room. Those are actually my parent’s clothes They left it here after they came. And also, that’s their mattress I actually have double mattresses. One of them is inside the wardrobe over here. And just lots of junk everywhere.

Like, I have my computers here. I haven’t got time to set it up, but I’m definitely gonna set it up soon. I’m gonna start Twitch-ing. So guys go ahead and follow me on Twitch because I’m gonna be a live-streaming workout, Q& As, and maybe gaming. Who knows? Gaming? Um, and here’s like my shoes and my bags. And yeah, all my clothes. I have so many clothes. Like I’m really not proud of myself right now, showing you guys this. I really don’t need that many clothes. That’s the reason why I’m gonna be sorting this out soon. And all my fitness gear is here. There’s lots of Gymshark, there’s Nike over here.

Just tons of clothes. And here are the leggings. And some- and some sneakers. So that’s a little tour for now and I’m gonna sort this out soon, tomorrow, or the day after because I really need to clean this up, get this place neat because I want to move some stuff in here as well. Maybe my computer. I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m gonna do yet, so. Yeah, I’ll see you guys at dinner. Okay? Wow. It’s seven o’clock, but it’s super sunny out. I’m having some jello. So I always make this protein jelly. I’m gonna have this before I make my dinner because it’s just so hot and I just want something cold to cool myself down, right now.

Woah! Oh damn. This is so refreshing. The weather has been a little bit weird today. Like it is sunny now, but it was quite gloomy this morning. It was around I think it was like 15 degrees this morning and now it’s like close to 30 degrees, so. Well, apparently it is gonna go up to 50 degrees next week or something. So that’s not gonna be great. That’s definitely not gonna be good. The problem with our weather is it’s really dry, really windy, and really hot. So, it’s like a disaster for fire. Dinner time! So I’m gonna make some shrimps for dinner. I’m gonna prep my dinner first. So I’m gonna marinate it for a little bit So I’ll say it takes about ten minutes in total so about two minutes of just prepping the ingredients to marinate it and then about five minutes to cook shrimp because shrimps or prawns take only about four to five minutes to cook. I was thinking tofu or shrimps, but my coriander is going bad so I’m gonna have this first. So yeah I’m just gonna pop all the ingredients into a bowl and put the shrimps in it, just to marinate it to give, give it a little bit more taste. I’m using like frozen prawns here, or shrimps, because I couldn’t be bothered to buy fresh prawns without shell, because your girl here has no time to peel prawns, okay. So, we’ve got coriander, which is cilantro, chili, lime tamari sauce, and fish sauce.

I’m also gonna be using a little bit of stevia, just to sweeten it up. I think I used to be a little bit sensitive to it. I used to get like numbness on my cheeks when I eat coriander, cilantro. I’m intolerant to quite a bit of food, I reckon. I get a lot of stomach reactions or sweating on my cheeks and my eyes. So, when I have like blueberries or strawberries, too much of it, it will give me cramps and I’ll wake up with a swollen face the next day. So, I’m really unfortunate when it comes to my sensitivity to food Which is really annoying because I love all these foods. But I still have them because I’m like screw it. Okay, screw it. I’m just gonna have it? All right, I’m gonna make the sauce now. It’s very easy. Put a bit of tamari sauce just to like to make it a little bit salty. Some fish sauce, some lime. The lime is gonna make it really nice and fresh.

This sauce can be served cold as well, but today I’m gonna have it warm because it’s just better for my stomach. You know, my little very sensitive–stomach. Some chili. So normally I use fresh chili, but if I’m in a rush, or if I don’t have any chili at home, I’ll just use chili flakes and they taste pretty similar. And then just a bit of Stevia. Now, ginger powder. I really love ginger in my food because it really helps with bloating and just helps to digest a little better. I’m gonna try the sauce a little bit. Holy shit! Oh! Very salty. I’m gonna pop a little water here. So it’s a bit saucier. And then my frozen prawns. Oh, it’s not frozen anymore. Now mix it all in and then pop it in the fridge. Alright. Now, I’m gonna cook some rice. This is leftover rice. Gonna add oil on it, on the pan, and just gonna fry this. Now, I’m gonna cook some veg. Leftover vegetables from lunch. Lots of spinach. it definitely doesn’t bloat me. Gonna add two more tomatoes in here.

Then, just cook it on the stove. Now I’m just gonna chop the shrimps into the pan that I used to cook the rice. This will only take about five minutes to cook at most. So, Guys, it is done. I’m so proud just look at it. So, this is just a little bit of soy sauce with kelp and rice. Well, there’s a bit up the fish sauce, the prawn sauce, which is really good. Oh my god. I’m so impressed by myself, seriously and all these vegetables are for me. That’s actually quite a lot. I love vegetables, man. Like, I can have a big bowl of vegetables very easily. But I can’t because I’ll bloat. I seriously think that I need to have a cookbook because I think I’m that good at cooking. I’m so full of myself. But seriously, I think I’m really good. I’m gonna go ahead and finish this. Not in front of the camera because this is not a making channel.

Oh my god. I’m so freaking full right now. I ate way too much. Why do I do that to myself? But at least I won’t be snacking later. I’ve been snacking a lot these days. I’m feeling really full so I don’t think I’ll be doing it later. Maybe I will, who knows. Oh, yeah I think I haven’t told you guys this but I’m heading to Japan to snowboard in February. It has been two- more than two years since I last snowboard. Like in 2018, I was supposed to go but I was recording the Flat Belly program,

so I didn’t go. And this year I was supposed to go in December or early January, but I was recording my new year program so I didn’t go two years in a row and that’s kind of like the time of the year that I used to take some time off to just snowboard. But I didn’t get a chance to for the last two years. So I pretty much skipped two years of snowboarding, which was really sad. I was like really sad during the New Year, I am like, this is supposed to be the time for me to relax. But it is so expensive for the last two years as well. Which is why we didn’t go. It’s the work and also the expense, so we didn’t go.

So this year we decided, you know what, screw it. We are going in February. I know it’s probably not ideal, like, there’s a lot of work going on but I really need a break because I basically didn’t take a break for the last two years during the Christmas period to the New Year. I wasn’t uploading as much in December because I was just not feeling it and I was just working behind the scenes in other things. I’m really, really excited I’m heading to Hakuba this time. I used to go to Niseko all the time. But this summer, I just want to go somewhere that’s not as busy.

So we are heading to Hakuba to snowboard for about nine days, I think. I think that’s it for today’s article. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I definitely enjoyed eating. Give it a thumbs up if you do and let me know in the comments what you wanna see next. I’m not sure what my next article is gonna be like. But yeah, I’ll see you in the next article. Bye! Thanks for watching! Oh my god, my hair. Bye.

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