Intense Lower Abs Workout


Today we are gonna do my new favorite lower ab routine And this is definitely gonna burn your lower abs area, but remember guys You can’t target fat loss you need to do more than just this workout to get those results Now you can find a full four-week schedule on my website and do share your journey across YouTube Instagram and tik-tok We’ve got an amazing supportive community who’s here to support you.

Now smash that thumbs up button and leave a comment down below and let’s jump straight into it We’ve got 16 exercises today. We’re doing back-to-back exercises 30 to 40 seconds on with 10 seconds rest Let’s start with a leg drop and in Start by lifting up your legs and then dropping it down Nice and slow and feel the burn in your abs then bring your legs in and repeat Stay on your mat, no breaks here We’re doing reverse crunch next.

Lift your legs towards your chest as back as you can and return them down slowly Make sure you use your core muscles to do the work. If you don’t have the flexibility yet it’s totally fine Just try your best and you’ll improve over time All right a quick 10 seconds break here So flip around into a high plank position and we’re doing some knee tucks with your left leg Try to keep your other leg as straight as you can and make sure you’re squeezing and working that core No rest here we’re swapping to the other leg All right, great work guys now flip around and get on your back We’re doing a leg drop then cross your legs while at the bottom. Make sure your back is flat on the mat and don’t lower It down too much if your back is arched or you could also crunch up a little to have a back flat on the mat focus on your abs guys All right, no break here! Lift your chest up a little resting on your elbows And we’re going to slowly flutter your legs like so.

Keep your legs as straight as you can Just focus on your form and go slow and steady Remember to breathe and focus on your lower abs. You’ve got this! Nicely done before a quick break and we’re going to do some single leg drops Have your both knees bend like so then extend it out Forward back up and then to the side. You should be feeling the burn in your abs now Okay, no breaks here lay flat on a mat and while doing some single leg crunches while alternating The knees that you bring in to keep pushing through guys, you’re doing well and nearing the halfway mark We’ve got another 10 seconds to break swap around into a high plank position and we’re doing some crossbody swipes Drive your knee forward then swipe it to the opposite side and then repeat on the other leg.

Make sure you’re engaging your core No rest here get into a low plank and we’re doing some taps to the side if you’re feeling tired and need a little break You can just do a plank hold or if you’re feeling strong then do plank jacks instead All right Another short rest time get into a sitting position While leaning back slightly and we’re going to bring your left leg in then out then we’re gonna lift it and repeat Make sure you’re slow and steady and focus on your form. You’ll feel the burn in your abs No rest here, let’s swap to the other leg Great good guys, just four more exercises to go.

Lay flat on your mat and we’re doing jackknife next. You’re lifting both your hands and feet to touch each other and try your best to have your limbs as straight as possible. This is a tough one So you’ve got a 10-second break after this Great work guys now sit on your butt and we’re doing U-boat next. Just less than two minutes to go Lean as far back as you can while you lift your leg from one side to the other Remember to squeeze and engage that core to keep pushing guys you can do it No rest here we’re going straight into in-and-out give it all you got guys Just one more exercise to go after this you have come this far so you can definitely do it

Great work, we’ve got a ten seconds break and our final exercise is reverse crunch variation Lift your hips off the ground using your core muscles lower your hips down slowly then extend your legs Give this all you got guys. Let’s mash through this last exercise Great job everyone! You did it. Hope your abs are on fire Smash that like button if you enjoyed this one, and I’ll see you in the next workout. Bye!!

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