How to grow hips or your side booty


If you are looking to grow hips or your side booty, you have come to the right article! Today’s article is gonna work the side booty to give you that well-rounded look. If you don’t have a resistance band that’s totally fine. You can follow the non-band version for now and add resistance once you get stronger. Now you can find the full five-week schedule over here if you’re looking to join in with the rest of us.

Please remember to take it before and after progress and tag me on Instagram as I’ll be doing a results roundup article. And if you need a set of resistance bands you can find that on my website. So yeah, smash that thumbs up button subscribe and let’s jump straight into the workout! We’ve got 13 exercises today. 40 seconds on and 5 to 10 seconds rest in between. We’re starting with side clam. Place the resistance band above your knee and open up your leg using your glute muscles.

If you don’t do it right, you won’t feel it on your glutes, so the mind-muscle connection is very important. If you don’t have a band, that’s okay, just focus on your glute muscles. Now flip around and we’re doing the other leg. Remember to engage and *squeeze* your glutes, guys. We’ve got fire hydrant next. Bring your leg to the side and extend it to a kick. This works the side of the glutes, which may help with rounding out the hips. If this is too hard with a band then try the first week without one, then you can add a band next week. Now let’s swap to the other leg.

You might feel the burn on the other side of the glutes because you’re balancing on one side. And that’s a plus in my opinion; feel that burn. Now we have 3/4 leg circle with leg extension. So what you have to do here is to draw a circle, but not a complete circle About 3/4 then kick your leg back and come back and repeat. This is going to burn. Great work guys, now let’s work the other leg. Next, we’ve got a rainbow. Draw a rainbow using your leg.

You can place one side of the resistance band under your knee to make it a little bit more challenging, or you can use the medium resistance band when the light one is too easy for you. We are halfway through the workout. Keep pushing and work that booty! And onto the other leg. Now we have our glute bridge but with abduction as well. Lift your hips off the ground and once you’re at the top, open up your legs. Make sure your glute muscles are engaged the whole time. We’ve got frog pumps next. Open your legs as wide as you can and try your best to fight the resistance. Just keep thrusting, not long to go!

Next, we have leg circles. This works amazingly on the entire glutes, especially on the side. Do 20 seconds in a forward motion then in 20 seconds draw the circles backward. Now draw the circles the other way around. On to the other leg. Now draw the circles the other way around. And our final exercise is a glute tap. Lift up your legs and bring your legs out. Make sure your glute muscles are engaged the whole time.

Give this all you got, squeeze, and engage! Great work everyone. I hope your booty enjoyed that. We’d appreciate it if you smashed that like button, subscribe if you haven’t already, and do check out my store if you want to pick up a set of bands, and I’ll see you in the next workout. Byeeee!

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