Full Body No Jumping Workout To Burn Fat


Hey guys, we’ve gone no jumping workout today It’s great for slimming down the thighs and also the waistline as it brings a heart rate to the optimal level for fat burning It is low to moderate intensity depending on your fitness journey So if you’re trying to slim and tone your legs remember to stick to the program and remember to take progress photos or videos And share with the rest of the community who’s here to support you So smash that like button subscribe and turn on notifications and let’s get started So we’ve got 30 exercises today 30 seconds on and no rest times and don’t worry about that We’re doing this together and it is not a challenging workout. So let’s do this.

We’re starting with a simple marching This is an excellent workout as it is low to moderate intensity All right now we’re doing a front kick with some punches nice and slow guys, not hard at all, You won’t be bulking up your legs doing these exercises. So don’t worry about that and try to stick to the schedule Next we’ve got reach and tap reach up with your hand and tap down while bending your left leg like so This is a really great move to work those arms and legs and your abs Now on to the other leg Next

we are doing a kick to the side and this is an excellent exercise for your outer thighs and also your inner thighs Next we’re doing some feet taps Lift up your heels towards your opposite hand as you tap, and this works the inner thighs Next we are doing some toe tap dabs be careful of the ankle guys You can do it slow or fast just do it based on your own pace All right now take a step back and crunch forward remember to engage that core and feel it in your abs On to the other side Now time for some toe touches we are almost 30% through the workout it is not difficult at all Like I say you can quickly finish this workout without taking any breaks Now hands on your hips guys while you’re extending your left leg and cross over like so On to the other side You Next

we are going to do a lunge left followed by a leg raise doing a couple lunges It’s not gonna bulk up your leg So don’t worry about that again, but if you absolutely hate lunges then you can skip the thrust and just do the side leg raise On to the other side Next we’re going to keep one leg back as we extend our arms with the pull nice and slow and stay balanced guys Next we are going to cross our arms as we kick our legs up forward one at a time We’re past the halfway point. So keep pushing through guys you’ve done so well getting here and not long to go Next we are doing a mini shuffle to the left or right Followed by a crunch just drop the shuffle and do the crunches if you don’t have room to move We’re going into jumping jacks next you can do the low impact version if you’re tired or wrap it up a little if you got Some energy to burn All right hands on your hips we are doing some leg raises on your left leg So you’re working your core while you’re balancing and also you’re working your legs at the same time Now on to the other leg Now extend your arms and legs like so while trying to balance and bring it back in into crunch and squeeze your abs So this work both the legs and at the same time not long to go guys Stay in this we are going to feel so great after the workout On to the other leg Hands on your hips and we’re doing some leg circles with your left leg you can hold on to a wall or chair but try to Use your core to stay balanced Now on to the other leg So we’re doing some skaters now as we go from side to side take it slow if you want it low-impact We just got five more exercises to go guys. Don’t give up. Now. You’ve come this far we can do this Let’s we’ve got some Front toe touch now you’ve been going strong for thirty minutes or so without break It’s okay. If you need to take a short break here, then push yourself, but know your limits, okay?

Next, we’re doing some opposite toe touches. Try your best to touch your toes and give your hamstring good stretch This exercise is great for the obliques too just three more activities to go guys keep pushing Lunge tap is next All right we’re doing a shuffle touch ground next try to burn up all your energy with this one if you don’t have room then take a Smaller shuffle or do a crunch or you can keep going with your lunge tap Final exercise were ending this with a jog in place if you’ve got some energy to burn to modify it to high knees And That’s the workout guys. I hope you enjoyed this one Great job on completing a fifteen-minute workout without any breaks in between if you have enjoyed the exercise smash the like button and drop A comment and let the community know how you went. Thanks for working out with me, and I’ll see you in the next workout. Bye

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