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Let’s get those Abs I’ve never had Abs ever in my whole life This is crazy I am shocked I lost 4 pounds 2020 we’re not giving up Holy Yes guys We’re back with another fantastic results article But before we get into that, I just want to thank you guys for staying home and saving lives This is the best time to work out with me from home.

So if you’re new to my channel, I’ve got lots of free workout programs, And I’ve got a new one coming up next WeekWeek. And also I’m going to be doing lots of live streams So watch out for that. Feel free to mention me on your IG story so I can stalk you And also don’t forget to smash that like button and let’s see how these guys went I’m so excited for today’s article because I completed Chloe Tings two Week’sWeek’s shred challenge. Oh my god, This has a million views already. This must be good for the past few years. I’ve been eating like it nobody’s business Okay, so let’s get down to some numbers pre-Chloe Ching.

I was 139 pounds my waist was not on 20 inches. It was at 28.5. My stomach was not on flat-footed it was on 31.5 inches. You can see the first day was actual hell for me. I couldn’t get myself up I couldn’t manage to do any of the exercises It was just such a strange thing to my body that I physically could not complete it That was hard, that kicked my ass. I am home alone in my living room so I can do this. Nobody bothering me asking me what the hell I’m doing No, I think I do this quick before anyone comes off.

Okay, let’s get started So it’s this do a thing. Like do you get bored working out in front of someone else? Let me know down in the comments if you guys are still having trouble with this. Okay, so did Chloe Ting work Did I see any results? Let’s get down to the numbers after 14 days my stomach weighed in at 30 inches my waist weighed in at 26 inches, and I was at 132 pounds Okay 132 point before Meaning I went down 7 pounds, which is honestly crazy to me.

Okay, I truly believe that This wasn’t done on its own with the challenge and I feel like if I were eating bad, I wouldn’t have seen these results. You have done so well in two weeks seriously She also mentioned that she was eating really clean which is why she saw such great results And yes, definitely like if you’re eating clean, you’re gonna see faster results You’re gonna see your rawer ABS sooner, but you know, I don’t want you guys to stress about that right now Especially during this time now We’re all in quarantine, and I get it you go to your pantry you go to your fridge, and you just grab your favourite snacks Like like me I have my chocolates right here, and it’s totally okay Like I’ve been snacking on chocolates all day every morning That’s what I do to make myself feel better and more normal.
Don’t stress over chop that time Okay, no, thanks Did you blow it one day you watch this article we would like to challenge you to Train marshallers in China We would like you to take you out of your comfort zone because you’re a super strong woman super fit in this kind of workout But what about doing martial? Arts I’ll think about it. I’m gonna be seeing if it’s possible for me to get abs in just two weeks. It’s a female everybody. She’s an amazing beauty girl on YouTube.

She needs to help me out. I’m clearly not good at makeup. Clearly no one’s interested. Stay in your lane Chloe one of my big goals this year is to get fit and torn up especially because I have a wedding coming up feel like I Need a girl mind you I’ve never had ABS ever in my whole life. I mean they’re in this someway I just underlays and layers of that FYI.

I do get a little bit self-conscious when it comes to my body I just feel like you know, it could be more toned I’m so self-conscious about my body, but yes my tummy Anyway, so this is my belly in a relaxed stage. I am NOT sucking eating. I’m not tensing my belly whatsoever scary The first workout was probably the hardest because it was my first-time exercise and Jambi yeah start and I’m really on feet Oh my god, I’m dying already. I think I’m just like Halfway through I just had to pause a van take a breather because 10-second rest is not enough for me, So I just smashed out my first workout.

I am like Poppin already girls guys Only one more 10-minute ab workout and I’m like totally exhausted. I don’t know I’m just really unfit day two. I woke up feeling a little bit sore You know that soreness that when you cough or sneeze it hard, that’s what I felt like yeah, not saw you’re not doing it right, especially if your knees are working out Getaway I’m not working Challenging you to Open so I just finished my last work out at the part of the two-week app challenge, and I’m going to show you, my boy.

Okay, so this is what my stomach is looking like now I do definitely see a difference I feel like I have more definition around the side to where my obliques are The centerline is also forming. I am really happy with the results. It kind of just made me realize that I don’t really need to spend hours at the gym to get results. This is the most defining has ever been. Usually, I have this like a bull up there like a one pack So Tina has only done one of my workout articles the two weeks as the article just 10 minutes every day for 14 days so imagine Imagine what you can achieve you’ve done my full Schedule like the full workout schedule and also eating well, you know doing your workouts in proper form good form That’s gonna kind of give you great results. I show you think that I did really well considering that it’s only 10 minutes. Good job, Tina. You’re probably watching this in your bed eating a cookie or something like that This is the article that I’ll be doing over here.

I have seen so many articles that you know girls doing it, and they actually get abs I have trust issues Thanks to my exes I’m gonna put this to the test and see if it actually works or not If I don’t look like Kim Kardashian in two weeks in two weeks, I’m gonna try to Russia’s eyes, you know What in 2020 we’re not giving up? Mm-hmm Finally the day has arrived. So we’re done with two weeks in Your waist is snatch I am Shh I am sure I thought I don’t have trust gonna use any walk arrow You can trust going to the numbers. It should be my waistline was this. The first WeekWeek was this. Basically, I lost like I Lost seven. This is a dumb bitch. I lost eight centimetres. Also, um, there are a lot of differences between the first WeekWeek and the second WeekWeek. This is my form Yeah in Laura’s WeekWeek, and this is the mine, so I’m a spare couple of days. So Yeah, friends and trust me guys. Your form is really, really, really important.

Take your time. Drink water. Take a break Take your time and do it does not rush into because the first day I was rushing into it and trust me I was sore I knew I was feeling it, but I wasn’t doing it properly you want to focus on your core as I started working out in front of the mirror to see my form and I realized I’ve Been doing so many wrong things. Yeah, the form is really important because it squeezes your app.

You’re gonna engage you cool Tuck your butt in tightening up your abs get that form, right? You’re gonna My main goal for this challenge is just to inspire people and let them know that the body that you do is basically Close to what you think if you want to do something with your body if you want to change Do it. Now. The time is now in today’s article. I’ll be doing six weeks in home Transformation challenge I’ll be working out with my mom.

It should be doing the modified version of every were Looking good now So now it is time for our before-and-after and basically this is what my mom is looking like so the measurements are like basically she went from 173 pounds to 164 pounds if you want from 38 Inches in her breast to 37 points 5 inches her waist was at 34 and a half inches, you know It’s night now It’s at 30 points 75 and I feel like that is like incredible But I know that she lost in total fathering and 25 inches off her body.

That was So freaking happy so here are my results I basically lost one pound and one is all things good I’m so thankful for this experience that I had to Chery l my mom I didn’t change that much number wise, but I look at myself in the mirror Like bitch you fucking did that you need to applaud yourself small accomplishments are still accomplishment When you lose weight you also turn up so you build a little bit of muscle so you don’t really see a big change In your weight by your toning up, so you’re getting more defined So don’t always look at your weight and think oh, I’m not making Progress for sometimes It’s just water way or you just gain a little bit muscles and muscles is heavier So that’s the reason why the skills just not budge Sometimes the body that you want is behind the consistency you approve so even if you try to embark on a journey Just be consistent make it easy start off for only two days a week start off with one day a week Just start getting moving get active get this body that you want like you could do it for this Put a quick disclaimer Don’t compare yourself to everyone ruins body reacts differently Progress is still Progress. Even though it’s small or big, you guys are perfect. The way you are this is These are just before articles, but you didn’t do anything yet That always happens to me I’m bleeding guys Of juries happen at home. I just finished the first day.

I was cried. To keep up with her and all I could see was My fat body. I’m kind of over it now. I am gonna try and keep this up for another two weeks After she did my workout she was like so defeated and I I don’t want anyone to feel this way, And I’m sorry if I made you feel this way You’re not supposed to be able to keep up with me until you’re a little bit more used to the exercise I’ve trained for these workouts guys, and I’ve always had really good cardio strength since I was kid, so don’t feel that way Okay like you’re not supposed to be able to finish there without easily the first WeekWeek of sorry go at your own pace and don’t compare yourself to me or anyone else I obviously still have a long way to go. It’s not like I reached my goal.

I still want to work on myself a lot more, but it’s only been two weeks So obviously I still have a lot of time to change and to work on myself That’s really amazing for two weeks. Like not everyone’s gonna react to the same workout the same way, you know, I mean Like some people are gonna get like drastic results As they get like six-pack abs in two weeks and for some people, it’s just a little bit harder to lose the fat I just really want to emphasize that because a lot of people start at the workout and five days in they expect to see Rock-hard abs, it’s not supposed to happen that way it is a journey. I hated the up-and-down playing as days passed I started to be able to do the up-and-down plays, and they ended up being my favourite exercise like yes I love ups and downs like it’s like such an achievement I’m just so happy and grateful for The free workout program that fluting hooked us up with because he’s literally amazing and I’m really happy.

I’m so happy Okay, she only went from this like she was so sad and then she’s so happy right now And yeah, I’m so happy to please Alina. So the links to everyone’s article is always in the description box. So check them out, So most people know her for her two-week abs why not. Try it in 130 degrees Just got a membership over Christmas to how it works They have like different little sauna rooms, and you can do like cardio like there’s like whoa in one room and like cycling in another room and then it’s like hot yoga and hot Pilates ha wait my booty and Hot core I need to try it out, huh? Good day, one was fairly easy. I did a blast which is 15-minute cardio and then Buns so booty and then I did the Chloe team workout day – I did a 15-minute cycle, and then I tried Chloe teens workout day 3 I started with blast after this workout. I felt very lightheaded and I almost passed out Oh my god guys, if you’re lightheaded Stop immediately Stay hydrated drink some water or have something to eat If you need to I just stopped working out if you’re feeling light-headed day 4 I just did a cycle and then Chloe Tune’s workout and I felt like I was gonna die, babe.

I was abreast day They sit I did its cycle and then I did Chloe teens workout day seven. You swim across an ocean. We got your ass They ate I did a 15-minute blast and then Khloe Kings workout and then you run a marathon I did proteins work out first then 11 line ABS day 11. I did a 15-minute cycle then Chloe teams work out day 12. I did a cycle and then Chloe tees workout today 13 I did a 15-minute blast and Chloe teens workout day 14 I decided to not do it but No you fail this challenge Next please here are the results Before I started this I colour I noticed that my own for kind of disappearing I used to have like a really defined six-pack and really define B lines And You can see where my abs are starting to come back ready for you You can see the definition like throughout the whole entire like the middle section So, I’m extremely happy with how I look my body looks a little more toned now To try my full body workouts those intense workouts in a hot yoga room Maybe like ab workouts are fine because they’re not as intense. But yeah, you did so well Tory good job

All right, guys, I’m gonna wrap this up by giving a few shouts some of you may remember Alex from the last article She’s now sharing her journey each WeekWeek. So check out and watch her amazing Progress Remember her it’s about consistency. Danny went on a flat tummy challenge from January and she did so well, I’m so proud of that Tiffany also documented an article each day and her results were amazing. So happy for her. Oh my gosh, It is making such a huge difference. I’ve never had that little I Really love the editing on Ivy’s article as she’s prepping up for her wedding. Go check out her article It definitely looks more defined and more toned and you can really see the AB lines in this One Joan from Korea also had some bomb results as well. Go send her some love but more than they opted themselves

I actually was very happy with how my waistline turned out Shout out to Miranda for committing to film herself every day both 28 days such an inspiration. Love you girl go Send some love to regain. She’s such a sweetheart watch her article to learn how she shed several inches of her waist I lost three inches. Hopefully, this article can be a motivation for somebody else out there to try it. Honestly, not that hard Alright, that’s the guys smash that thumbs up button And also let me know down in the comments if you wanna see more reviews, there’s lots of fitness journey to share So let me know it’s gonna be a difficult couple of months for everyone, but we’re all in this together remember to be safe Wash your hands when you’re out just practising good hygiene And I’ll try my best to keep pushing our content to keep you guys company and also keep you motivated Stay safe guys, and I’ll see you in the next article

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